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The Airlander is innovative, green with game-changing endurance and payload. Its unique combination of aerodynamic lift and buoyancy will revolutionise transport.

Joining Airlander Club will give you the chance to be part of aviation history, with your name on the hull of our Airlander, as well as receiving regular newsletters keeping you updated on the return to flight programme. It was also be the only way to access the hangar when we are available to give tours, and gives you priority for the first passenger flight tickets. For these and other exclusive opportunities, join Airlander Club below. 2015 will be the Year of the Airlander and will see the Airlander 10 flying.

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Airlander Club:
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Airlander’s ability to change air travel forever is now widely recognised by our investors and the public. Not only can Airlander stay in the air for days, it offers incredible fuel efficiency, minimal noise pollution and does not require a runway. Airlander offers a revolutionary alternative to aid distribution, heavy cargo lift, luxury travel, all with minimal impact on the environment.

Joining Airlander Club gives you the opportunity to be part of our story.

Membership will give you:

  • Club newsletters updating on developments
  • Your name on the hull of our aircraft
  • priority queue list for the initial passenger flights
  • Access to the hangar, when it is opened up to the Public (with great views of the Aircraft being redeveloped).

So join the Airlander Club and support us!

£25 life long membership!

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